Today, the Internet plays a critically important role in the lives of billions of people, from personal communication to work-related matters to entertainment. The world wide web has changed significantly since its inception and it keeps evolving.

Entertainment sites, such as casino websites, are a great example of how the web development scene is changing. Often, the entertainment sector changes more rapidly than business-related sites because there is a more customer-driven need for it.

In the early days of the Internet, online casinos didn’t even exist. It was not possible to have great graphics or process payments securely. After the technologies developed a bit, many people were still afraid of paying through the Internet or didn’t have an Internet connection fast enough to be able to play online casino games that looked great.

For example, today, is an online casino, while in 1998, it was a directory that listed Vegas hotels and options for air travel. Then it was a personal website for an artist performing in Las Vegas. Only in 2012, it became a website dedicated to online gaming. Today, the site has excellent graphics and a lot of games, including slots, blackjack, bingo, poker and more. The site brings multi-play to all the classic online casino games.

Overall, there are two main differences that modern online casinos feature. The first one is mobile optimisation. Today, more people access the Internet from their smartphones than from computers. For many people in the developing countries, their phones are their first and only way to access the Internet. For this reason, having mobile-friendly websites is no longer optional. It is an absolute must and most online casinos do optimise their websites for mobile viewing and playing.

The second one is great graphics. As computers and smartphones get more powerful processors and better screens, they can display better graphics. Online casino web developers understand that their business is all about entertainment, which is why they utilise available technology to create the best online gaming experience possible.