Most businesses today are aware of the necessity of having a regular newsletter and collecting emails from website’s visitors.

Attracting a visitor to a website always costs money. It may be that a business advertised the website on Google AdWords or Facebook. It is also possible that customers are coming because of publicity and PR campaigns. While a lot of public relations buzz is free, coming up with ideas, creating press releases and distributing them is not free.

Even when a website has a high ranking on search engines, it doesn’t happen on its own. If a website has a higher rank, it means that it has great content and a lot of people are mentioning the website on other places, all of which is also work that takes time and costs money.

For this reason, the worst thing a business can do is let the visitors leave the site. This is similar to a customer coming to a store, looking around, trying the products and leaving without buying a product. The business invested money to bring the customers through the door or the visitor to the website and now they are gone.

The best solution to this problem is to collect personal information of the visitors, be it a website or an online store, in exchange for something. This something may be a small gift or information about how to choose certain products. For example, a website that sells clothing to runners could have a free guide on seven ways to choose the perfect running gear.

When a free gift or information is relevant to the needs and wants of the customers, they will gladly give their information in exchange for it. Next, the business can market to these visitors directly, which is often much less expensive than getting a new customer through the door.